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Check out our latest theme!

Penguin is a flat and responsive theme which is perfect for blogging as well as a lightweight magazine.

Screenshot of the Penguin theme

Impress your visitors with powerful images!

Penguin uses your post thumbnails as big header images on single pages.

6 good reasons to choose a theme by WPZOO

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Extensions from WPZOO should feel like that are part of WordPress core. Ease of use is our top priority.

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As much as necessary – as light as possible. Speed is important and that is why we try to save on size as much as possible.

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There are a huge number of devices that connect to the internet. We want to build flexible and adaptable products especially in design.

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Security is very important to us. As we take open source software seriously, you are on the safe side with us.

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Everyone benefits from semantically correct and well-structured web content. The WPZOO Themes lay the foundation for your accessible website.

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The user-friendliness of a website depends strongly on its design. We create clean and professional user interfaces.


You can get your money back within 14 days of purchasing one of our gold products if you you are unhappy with the product.

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Who is WPZOO?

WPZOO went in summer of 2015 under the leadership of Ulrich and Stefan online. Both are WordPress enthusiasts who share the responsibility for the development and design.

Ulrich knows his way around the WordPress code. He is a dedicated contributor on wordpress.org especially as an admin in the Theme Review Team.

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