Penguin lite is live

Finally Penguin Lite is available on Because of the huge amount of themes which have been uploaded, the review process took some time, We used that time and implemented some new features.

Penguin Theme Thumbnail

Responsive Images

In the release 0.2,0 we integrated a better, responsive output of the images. The sizes attribute of the images have been tailored to the theme’s breakpoints. A separate post to this topic is coming soon.

Theme options

In the release 0.1.0 we used the Options Framework by Devin Price. Now we applied the core customizer to keep the code slimmer and saver. Additionally we changed to the new custom logo option, which have released in WordPress 4.5. There is still a fallback to the old option in case the user haven’t installed the last WP version yet.

SVG icons instead of icon font

The few icons in the theme are now included as a SVG sprite instead of an icon font. Therefore the icons are handled as images and not as font characters anymore. You’ll feel the improvement and see the difference while the site is loading.

Editor Styles

Now there are few theme styles visible in the visual editor. So it’s better to judge the representation of the post right in the backend.


There are a few small issues we’ve fixed.