Main menu Dropdown (Bootstrap Navbar)

Single level dropdown menus can be created with the bootstrap navbar. These menus can contain icons, separator lines, titles and inactive links.

How to add a dropdown in the main menu

  1. In the URL field enter a hashtag (#). A proper URL will be ignored as the link is only used to open the submenus (dropdown).
  2. Enter the menu name that should be displayed in the “Navigation Label” field.
  3. The submenus are subordinated using drag & drop. You can recognize the submenus from their optical indentation. A further submenu a layer lower is not possible.

AlbinoMouse Dropdown Menu

Icons in front of a menu link

This is how to place a icon from the icon set Glyphicon Halflings in front of the menu link.

  1. Enter the word glyphicon-iconname, where iconname is the name of the desired icon, in the Title Attribute field. On the Bootstrap website you can find a list of available icons and their names.

AlbinoMouse Glyphicon Menu

Title under the dropdown menu

To structure a dropdown menu better a title can added within the menu. This is how you add a title.

  1. Enter a hashtag (#) in the URL field. The title can not be linked. Any entered URLs will be ignored.
  2. Add the word dropdown-header in the Title Attribute field.

AlbinoMouse Dropmenu Header

Dividing line in the dropdown menu

This is how a dividing line is added in the dropdown menu.

  1. Enter a hashtag (#) in the URL field. A proper URL will be ignored and replaced with a line.
  2. Add the word divider in the Title Attribute field.

AlbinoMouse Dropdown Divider

Inactive link in the dropdown menu

A inactive link will be greyed out and is not able to be clicked on.

  1. Enter a hashtag (#) in the URL field.
  2. Add the word disabled in the Title Attribute field.

AlbinoMouse Inaktiver Menulink