Terms and conditions

Created: 9. Januar 2016

Order process

By completing a purchase on wpzoo.ch, you declare that you have read and completely accepted the terms and conditions.

When completing your first order an account will be automatically created with the personal information that you provided in the checkout. This information must be correct and must not belong to a third party. With the created account you can manage your purchases and your details. You will receive an email with your account details that you are not allowed to share with third parties.

With the login details you will not need to enter your information again when you make an additional purchase. That is other than your creit card details. They are not stored with us.

WPZOO uses stripe as a payment gateway to process the credit cards. Stripe is a international operating company and provides a secure method to pay with credit cards.

With the purchase of our products you also declare that you accept the terms and conditions of stripe.. Please read stripe’s terms and conditions.


EU-Law required that customers are charged VAT from their country of residence. WPZOO pays the collected VAT to the respective countries via the German MOSS(Mini-One-Stop-Shop). Customers in Switzerland and outside the EU don’t pay any VAT.

By purchase you have two options, Standard and Unlimited. These options represent the number of installations for which you receive updates and support.


Once the purchase process has been completed, the ordered product will be either sent by email or available via the download link. You find more information on the installation in the documentation.

Product licence / Liability

All WordPress products that are offered by WPZOO are licenced under GNU General Public License v3
This means that we are not liable for damages arising out of the use or inability to use the program. We promise however to the security of the product is our highest priority.

The licence among other things states that the software can be used commercially and can be modified however you wish. Let us know if you have any questions related to the usage of our GPL licenced products.


When you buy a product from us you will receive one year of free product updates from the date of purchase. These updates will be automatically displayed in the admin area. When you renew your licence you receive a 50% discount.


When you buy one of our products you will receive email support for a year from the purchase date. We will reply to your support requests as fast as possible.

Support requests for our free products will not be answered by email. The support request should be written on the respective support forum on WordPress.org.


The extensions from WPZOO are developed and tested for the current WordPress and browser versions. We do not guarantee that the products will work in older WordPress and browser versions.


We allows refund within 14 days of the purchase date. To keep the administrative overhead low, please check before buying the product if it has the features that you need.

For the refund we need a written request by email that you would like a refund. We need the folowing details:

  • Full name
  • Purchased product
  • Order date
  • order number

Providing a reason is appreciated but is optional.


We take privacy seriously. Please read more in our privacy policy.


If the terms and conditions are violated, especially when false information is provided or login details are shared with third parties we retain the right to clone the affected account and licence keys.

Place of jurisdiction

In case of disputes, they are are to be settled in the Courts in Bern, Switzerland. All legal relations between WPZOO and their customers are subject to substantive Swiss law.